Category: Gospel of John Series

Gospel of John #55: “Prayer: A gracious gift and Crucial Command” (John 14:7-14) 5/2/21

Teacher: Kyle Coffin [scroll down for video]

Gospel of John #54: “What Motivates You?” (John 14:1-6) 4/25/21

Teacher: David Gentala (Scroll down for message)

Gospel of John #53: “Denial” (John 13: 36-38) 4/18/21

Don’t get hung up on what God does not say clearly, and miss the main point:
Love God and Love one another!

Gospel of john #52: “A New Commandment” (John 13: 34-35)

Teacher: David Gentala

Gospel of John #51: “We don’t Quit” (JOhn 13: 21-30)

Teacher: Kyle Coffin