Home Groups

Home Groups are designed to provide a small group gathering experience for followers of Jesus to become invested in one another. A place to know and be known by others, and be challenged to grow in your walk with Jesus Christ.

We currently have 5 home groups that meet weekly on either Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday evening. The primary elements of home groups at NC are the study of the Bible, worship, prayer for one another, and encouragement to use our spiritual gifts to edify one another.

For more information, adresses, and directions, feel free to call/text the Home Group leader.

Joe Coffin — Mondays 7pm. (South east Tucson) Phone: (520) 603-2592

Kyle Coffin — Tuesdays 6:30pm (Far East Tucson) Phone: (520) 403-8773

Wayne Daley — Tuesdays 6:30pm (Mid East Tucson) Phone: (520) 409-9972

Bill Hatch — Wednesdays 6:30 (North East Tucson) Phone: (520) 591-9939

Tim Nicholls — Wednesdays 6:00 (Vail/ Rita Ranch) Phone: (940) 704-7233

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