Ministry Partners

Neighborhood Church partners with (prays for, supports financially, serves alongside) the following local, Christ-honoring teams/organizations.

The mission of Tucson Neighborhood Food Pantry is to support and improve the quality of life for children, families, elderly and disabled by providing necessary resources for the East Tucson community, with a vision for every Christian church to host a TNFP.

The mission of God’s Vast Resources (GVR) is to connect individuals and organizations, and together meet the needs in the Tucson community.  The non-profit organization, founded in 2013, reaches the needy in Tucson via the Tucson Neighborhood Food Pantry, the Mobile Resource Center and Love your Neighbor/Bags of Hope, providing clothing, food, hygiene and household items.

Royal Family Kids’ Camps, Inc. is a network of camps, children’s clubs, and provides child mentoring for abused, abandoned and neglected children in the foster care, system. For more information, contact Neighborhood Church’s RFKC Director, Kristina Daley, or visit Royal Family Kids online.

The purpose of 4Tucson is to identify difficult problems within the city and bring the expertise of people from a wide variety of backgrounds to focus together to discover and implement long-term solutions. The Mission: To unite and mobilize Christians, empowering them to put biblical principles into action as we engage our city’s most systemic problems.

J17 Ministries exists to encourage strategic and prioritized alignment with what Jesus believed was of primary importance. The key to people discovering who He really was and how much God loves them would be our humble, visible, border-less love for one another as His followers.

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