Neighborhood Underground #2


Our second Neighborhood Underground took place March 18, 2016 and covered one of the shortest Epistles in the New Testament: Jude. Jude featured NINE teachers from Neighborhood Church (listed below) and was a wonderfully challenging book to collectively teach through.

Unfortunately, in our move from Research Loop to the Desert Christian Wrightstown Campus, we have lost the audio for NU#2.  We haven’t given up hope that it can be found, however!  If you’d like to listen to it, please respond below and we’ll overturn tables to get it to you! 🙂

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Jude was taught by:

  • Kyle Coffin
  • Bill Hatch
  • Bruce Grissom
  • Warren Tyler
  • Wayne Daley
  • Craig Morgan
  • Brian Gottshall
  • Jesse Shiflet
  • Mark Struble
  • Jeremy Schneider

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