Neighborhood Underground #4

Romans 8:29 – 10:15

Our fourth Neighborhood Underground took place March 24, 2017 and continued in covering the Book of Romans, this time teaching through 8:29 – 10:15. This portion of scripture is often misused to share what may be referred to as reformed theology.  Pastor Kyle and the NC teaching team address words and phrases like “the elect,” and “predestination,” and “the foreknowledge of God,” among others.  

Unlike most other Neighborhood Undergrounds, Pastor Kyle taught quite a bit more for this particular passage of scripture, being joined by 3 others, as well as Adam Grose, who introduced the evening bringing awareness to the persecuted church in China.  Enjoy!

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Part 1: Kyle Coffin, 8:29-30

Part 2: Kyle Coffin, 8:31-34

Part 3: Bruce Grissom, 8:35-39

Part 4: Kyle Coffin, 9:1-6a

Part 5: Kyle Coffin, 9:6b-13

Part 6: Kyle Coffin, 9:14-18

Part 7: Kyle Coffin, 9:19-24

Part 8: Jeremy Schneider, 9:25-29

Part 9: Stuart Welch, 9:30-33

Part 10: Kyle Coffin, 10:1-15

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