Neighborhood Underground #7, The Intertestamental Period, January 2020

What happened between 430 BC (the days of Nehemiah/Esther and the end of the Old Testament) and the year Jesus was born?   A LOT!  Join Pastor Kyle and a team of teachers as we explore how the known world changed dramatically between the Testaments, ultimately bringing us to a deeper understanding of the world Jesus was born into. 

If you would like to see the live video recordings from the evening go to our Neighborhood Church Facebook page.

Introduction and Overview–Pastor Kyle Coffin


Slides 1-27:

Historical Context: Daniel’s Visions–Joe Coffin


Slides 28-41:

Hellenism–Star Wynd


Slides 42-52:

The Apocrypha — Kyle Coffin


Slides 53-69:

Greek Language and the Septuagint — Star Wynd


Slides 70-76:

The Synagogue — Tim Nicholls


Slides 77-90:

The Pharisees — Bill Hatch

Slides 91-106

Jewish Factions — Tim Nicholls

Slides 107-122

Roman Politics — Joe Coffin


Slides 123-132:

Roman Roads and Travel — Bill Hatch


Slides 133-143:

Wrap-up and transition to The Gospel of John — Kyle Coffin

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