Neighborhood Underground

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What is Neighborhood Underground?

We give major props to Pastor David Platt and his vision for what he calls “Secret Church.”  It stems from his travels around the world to – often times – underground churches, forced to meet in secret due to oppressive governments.  God led Pastor David to teach similarly in his church – a 6 hour event where teaching of the Word of God is all that is done, along praying for and bringing awareness to the persecuted church across the globe.

We have tweaked Pastor Platt’s vision just a bit.  Rather than doing all the teaching himself, Pastor Kyle teaches with other gifted teachers within the body. We gather from 7 PM to midnight twice a year (usually in March and September), and teach through entire Bible books (like 1 Peter and Jude, Undergrounds #1 and #2), or sometimes through the more exhaustive, larger passages in various books.

Mark your calendars for our NU6, Saturday night (6-midnight), March 30, 2019!

We recently completed NU5 September 21, 2018, 7p-Midnight.  Visit that page for audio and video files!

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