Ephesians #43: "God's Heart: Wives, Shall We Dance?" (Eph. 5:22-24)

Submission to God, and to another is not subjection, rather it is like following your partner in a beautiful dance.

Dancers. He is the lead, she chooses to follow. He is subject to the music, she is subject to him and the music (here representing God’s will). Why? Is he just bossing her around the floor? No! He is lovingly presenting her, without wrinkle or blemish! How beautiful when they are in step with each other and on beat with the music! Every dance move is initiated, led by the male lead. You want to turn? His hand goes up, she chooses to loop under it. You want to change direction, his next step points that way and she leans in to him to follow…But she must choose to humbly accept each invitation.