Ephesians #46: "Working as Unto Christ" (Eph. 6:5-9)

Today, we focus on “The Workplace”

    • Let’s define the “workplace” as any place in which there is a person in charge of a project or institution or business, with paid and/or unpaid other human beings with him/her all working toward the same product or goal.
    • Therefore… for those not in ‘traditional’ jobs…
  • Students: Your JOB is to excel in school right now.
        • You have teachers and professors in authority over you.
        • Your “job” is also recognizing your parents’ authority in your home.
  • Homemakers: Your JOB is homemaking.
        • You are in the authority position with your children, but you also have the “submit to your own husbands” role detailed before this. You are in authority with your husband for the children, but under his headship in all matters as well. 
  • Injured/Disabled: You are the BOSS of either getting back to good health, or working in what you CAN.
        • You are the MASTER of yourself in partnering with God to get back to work or to keep moving and resist the urges to not work.
  • Retired: Your JOB is whatever you want to do!
      • As unto the Lord as if you were getting paid millions for it.