Following Fully #4: "Unquestioned Obedience"

Staying true to our series theme, let’s ask the question: How did Noah respond to God's direction (“build an Ark”)?

  • The first thing to point out is, unlike those who came after Noah (Moses and Abraham, specifically), the Bible doesn’t record Noah speaking to God.
    • But the sheer obedience the Holy Spirit wants us to see in how He inspired Moses to write the account… it’s that Caleb-level of faith. Crazy faith. Radical faith. “He followed me fully faith.”
  • Unquestioned Obedience
        • This is our model of Faith this week: Obedience without question.
          • No “But what about’s”
          • No fleeces.
          • No appealing to God on the basis of mercy.
          • Not today.
  • Today’s model is Unquestioned Obedience.
  • If God told you to build an ark today, how would YOU respond?