Following Fully #8: "Sodom and Gomorrah--Conversation with God " (Gen. 18)

  •  I was looking forward to this week’s message in particular because I knew I wanted it to be more of a conversation style sermon than just me doing all the talking.
  • Why? Because the “new thing” God does in Genesis 18 is alert Abraham to the destruction of a city. Not the whole world, like with the flood. But one region of evil that was SO bad, the wrath of God was about to be poured out upon it. 
    • It is yet another image-and-dominion passage, because Abraham interceeds.
    • Remember, God’s purpose for mankind is to bear His image and have dominion over the entire earth: Genesis 1:26, Let us make man in our image and let him have dominion over ALL the earth.
      • Let me quickly address something some of you might be thinking:
        • Man, Kyle teaches about image and dominion related to prayer ALL THE TIME.
        • My response: I KNOW. It’s on purpose. I believe understanding image and dominion related to prayer is a prerequisite to living your life as God designed it to be lived.