Fully Following #13 - Hear, Mind, See, Act

  • God heard
    • Heard = shema.
      • Perhaps you were with us when I taught on this Hebrew word years ago - that it means to OBEY as much as it means to simply listen. 
    • For God to “shema” means His compassion for His people was understood and that it was now finally time for His justice to be carried out on Egypt.
      • God remembered
        • In the Hebrew, the word zâkar means “to mark” as in to “place something”

      It also means “to bring to mind again” - but that doesn’t have to imply that something was forgotten.

      • God saw
        • What/Who did He see? “God saw the people of Israel.”
          • Râ'âh is used in many contexts. It can mean to simply behold something with our eyes, but it also means “considered” and “perceived” and “regard” and “respect”
          • God knew (acknowledged)
              • Acknowledged what? 
              • The original text simply says, “And God knew” (better translated “acknowledged”)