ISO a Biblically Sound, Spirit-Filled Church: "Normal vs. Truth" 10/30/2022

When we say, “ISO a Biblically Sound Spirit-Filled Church” phrase…

  • We’re not suggesting they don’t exist.
  • But a stigma exists that “Spirit-Filled” churches do some unbiblical things and have a reputation for being a bit soft in solid Biblical teaching.
  • We have a solid foundation and reputation for being a Bible-teaching church, with sound theology and strong in the gifts of teaching and shepherding.
  • And so we’re genuinely seeking God’s Word regarding gifts that aren’t as evident, such as prophecy, apostleship, and evangelism.
    • And with those, what does the Bible say about tongues, healing, words of knowledge, words of wisdom, discernment of spirits, and so on.


To begin this 4-week series, I’m posing this phrase:

  • “Let us not allow our normal to be Truth. Rather, let Truth be our normal.”