The Holy Spirit Throughout History #10 : “The Spirit of Humility--2 Samuel"

Defining Humility:

  • In the context of morals and human relationships, humble means “to place oneself under another or others”
    • The Hebrew and Greek terms both mean “to lower oneself, to be pressed down, to be low”
  • In defining humility, it’s best to define what it is NOT:
    • It is not speaking poorly of yourself.
    • It is not putting yourself down, or self-deprication.
    • Humility is not making sure others know you how low and unfortunate you are. That’s actually the opposite.
      • There is nothing wrong with letting others know you’re in need, but don’t mistake that for humility.
      • A consistency in that signals a focus on yourself, which is actually pride. 
  • Humility is a lack of focus on self, and a greater focus on how God will be glorified in every circumstance - fortunate and unfortunate - in your life.
  • A humble person - while asking for prayer for hard things - also PRAYS, lays out his/her plight before the Lord, and inquires of Him for guidance. And God always delivers!