The Holy Spirit Throughout History #15 : "The Spirit of Blessing"--1&2 Kings, Pt.1

Do you ever feel like you misheard God?

  • Like David, maybe you got some direction wrong?
    • And perhaps you feel like you’re on an island.
    • You’re not where God wants you?
    • And God’s maybe even a little disappointed? 
    • Maybe life isn’t all joy and peace with you - BECAUSE you’re not where God wants you - and it’s because of a misunderstanding with God, or something similar?
  • I want you to see that God still BLESSED Israel in the dedication of the Temple.
    • He still put His name on the Temple.
    • He still met His people there.
    • He didn’t consecrate the building - He didn’t say “Well done - you did what I asked…” 
      • But He DID bless the people!
  • Nowhere in God’s Word are we told that if we mishear God’s direction, we’ll be sad and lonely or not used by Him, etc.