The Holy Spirit Throughout History #23: "The Spirit of Restoration” -- Nehemiah

God says to us throughout His word, “If you know me, you know I am LOVE. I will never leave you. Even in the darkest times, I am with you. Stay with me.”

  • But many in today’s world don’t stay with and/or return to Jesus.
  • Some declare “Christianity” when asked about religion, but rarely…
    • … pray, read His word, seek Him first, acknowledge His ways before ours.
    • And He often asks us, “How’s that ‘every answer BUT Jesus’ way of living working for you?”
    • And He offers RESTORATION back into Covenant Living with Him.
      • HERE (Covenant with Jesus) is the way of LIFE. Walk in it.
      • Will you return? Or will you keep going your way?
      • If God really is in charge, we KNOW what “our way” gets us. Captivity by everything BUT God. And a fruitless life.
  • Is that what we want? 
    • Or will we humbly return to New Covenant living?

God’s Spirit calls us to…

    • Come OUT of the fallen world’s answers to how to live the life God breathed into you.
  • Come OUT of Babylon - back into the life God created us for.