The Holy Spirit Throughout History #24: "The Spirit of Hope” -- 1&2 Chronicles

So, Where is the Holy Spirit in the Chronicles?

  • Simplified, The Holy Spirit is revealing the character quality of God called HOPE.
    • A parent who allows a child to stumble is modeling HOPE!
      • 1) HOPE that said child will learn to stand firm in God’s character
      • 2) HOPE and TRUST that God’s model is best. 
    • A parent who doesn’t allow a child to stumble expresses NO HOPE in that child’s ability to make good decisions. And NO HOPE in God’s model.

When I read the 3 examples of what the Spirit is doing in the Chronicles, I mentioned it was a sandwich effect… What’s the meat? We know the bread is about forsaking God. The meat:

  • Stand firm, hold your position, and see the salvation of the LORD on your behalf. (2 Chr 20:17)
    • Can you imagine being armed with military weapons, and preparing to come against a formidable army that the king fears will beat them soundly, and then have a prophet say, “You will not need to fight - just watch the Lord do His work.’

Sometimes HOPE looks like doing nothing. Nothing new. Nothing extra. Nothing special. Nothing but standing firm in the promise God gives.