The Holy Spirit Throughout History #36: "The Spirit of Adoption” -- Galatians

In this letter, Paul addresses 3 Opposing Mindsets:

  • We’re going to see these opposing mindsets throughout the 6 verses I highlight. I mention them because these are the main themes in the letter - and they’re braided throughout, jumping from one back to the other, forward to the other, etc.
  • Justification by Faith vs. Justification by the Law
    • I’ll hit this first, which will also serve us as the end of the book introduction (remember, this series is a focus on the Spirit’s work in the books of the Bible, but we need to give context, which is why we’re doing brief book intros).
    • But the next two opposing mindsets are all about the Spirit’s work:
  • Sons of God vs. Servants of God
  • Family of God vs. Religion of God