The Holy Spirit Throughout History #48: "The Spirit of Perseverance" (Series conclusion)

I like having a visual wrap-up of something we’ve done together for a year. I first thought maybe we could narrow down what the Spirit has shown us in a “Top 3” list, but in 48 weeks He’s shown us all so much more! So instead of 3, I was able to narrow it down to …

The Top 10 things we’ve learned and begun to practice regarding the Holy Spirit:

  1. Delivered “out of Egypt” - being aware of the Spirit’s ESTABLISHED New Covenant - never allowing “let’s go back to Egypt” (a cold, unbiblical view of the Holy Spirit)
  2. Clear any false identity so the Spirit can define me (David) 
  3. A greater understanding of prophecy in the gatherings (Rich M)
  4. Experience & Action vs. Intellect and Fat-Headedness - Spirit of Creativity (Jake)
  5. Pursue our supernatural God and encourage one another to grow in the Spirit
  6. Keeping the Eternal Perspective, knowing Jesus is coming soon and that the “supernatural on earth” is a “glass darkly” compared to life in Heaven! (Bill)
  7. Unity in the diverse gifts from the same Spirit - no judgment (Bruce and Wayne)
  8. Spirit of Proclamation - declaring to one another what the Spirit is saying/doing (Star)
  9. Love God, one another, and our neighbors (Tim)
  10. Always have ears to hear and obey what the Spirit says.


Now, there’s nothing magic about a Top 10 - meaning there can be a Top 20 if you want! Did I miss anything?