The Holy Spirit Throughout History #9 : “Resposibility of the Annointed--1 Samuel"

The King’s Responsibility

    • It’s one thing to accept God’s anointing, it’s another to live it out.
      • Saul gave the appearance of trying to do the right thing, but ended up making really really jaw-dropping blunders, and then giving excuses as to why he did it.
        • I mean, every Israelite knows you don’t do the Priests’ job if you’re not a priest!
        • You don’t go hiring mediums to tell you what to do!
        • And you don’t make really baseless vows and then try to have your own son be the fatal fall guy for making to dumb vow!
  • Saul had ALL the anointing, but took no responsibility for it.

You and I have a RESPONSIBILITY in what we HAVE been given, and what we have NOT been given.