The Holy Spirit Throughout History “Introduction” 01/08/2023

When it comes to pneumatology, I’m going to challenge you to Will you set aside (in the stubborn sense) denominational doctrines and simply read your Bible with me?

  • Why?  Denominational differences vary so much about the role of the Holy Spirit.
    • Some overemphasize the Spirit, some hardly even mention Him.
    • Some ascribe more to Him than is Biblical, some ignore Him.
    • Some see ONLY the spiritual mysteries about Him, and some see absolutely no spiritual mystery in Him at all.
  • And these denominational differences cause pendulum swings, from one denomination to the other.
    • Pneumatology is perhaps the greatest cause of division among the Christian Church.
    • Paul saw this coming even in the early church - penning 1 Corinthians 13 right in the middle of his most elaborate teachings on how to follow God’s Spirit in worship gatherings. 
      • I think Paul knew - revealed to Him by the Holy Spirit Himself - that churches would be split apart due to what individuals believe about the Holy Spirit and His role.
        • Like watching a car crash happen before your eyes - wondering what I can I do before it…. Crashes.
    • So please erase your Holy Spirit slate if you come from a singular background or teaching on the Holy Spirit.
      • Weigh everything we teach this year about the Holy Spirit against what you’ve been taught in the past, and what you read in scripture.
      • Weigh the experiences you have based on this teaching with your past experiences of the Spirit. 
      • Constantly speak to God, by way of His Holy Spirit, as you read, listen, and learn throughout our time together.