The Holy Spirit Throughout History :“The Breath of Life (Genesis)”

The Spirit of God is the Breath of God Almighty - that breathes life into every living thing.

  • “The Breath… of LIFE.”
  • When we think of the “roles” of the Spirit of God, the first role should be that God’s Spirit breathes life into dead things.
  • The Holy Spirit is responsible for every living thing!
  • It is the breath of GOD that you and I have within us.
  • God created and owns the AIR!
  • And God provides that life for those who disobey AND obey Him.
    • His grace is amazing even to those who continue to ignore Him… for a time.                                                                                          Genesis, the first book of the Bible, shows us who The Holy Spirit is, and his role.
      • In Genesis 1, we see He is a nurturer and the very breath of life.
      • In Genesis 6, we see He is in charge of the duration of life.
      • And in Genesis 41, we see He is in charge of the purpose of life.
      • The Breath… of Life.